Logo Design Trends: Should You Follow Them?

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Everyone knows a trend when they see one. They happen across all walks of life — a challenge on YouTube, a style of clothing, a new word that enters the national lexicon. Trends happen for a reason, and are driven by the desire to fit in and be perceived as “cool,” or, as you could put it, “on-trend.”So it probably isn’t surprising to find trends even in logo design. But it leaves us with the question: what are the pros and cons of following trends in this area?

What Are Logo Design Trends?

If you’re new at designing logos, you may not have a lot of experience with the trends that come and go. Just like with anything else, you can find a host of articles detailing trends for this year, for the upcoming year, and sometimes even predicting trends years in advance, based on design cycles. After all, we tend to get nostalgic for design trends of years past, which brings them up to modern-day again.

Logo design trends are also cyclical. And they can be broken down into different areas. For instance, you’ll find lists of general logo design trends, featuring such recurring players as simplicity, specific color palettes, and favorite shapes.

But you can also find trends that belong to certain markets. For example, color trends are often based on the psychology of color. Individual markets often want to give the same message with their branding, and so you’ll see common colors within that market, helping to deliver that message. One example is banks and financial institutions. These types of businesses want to promote a message of authenticity and reliability, so you’ll often find the color blue included in their branding and logo design. Blue tends to be perceived as a trustworthy, reliable color.

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll find logo design trends that just don’t seem to make sense. A trend towards intentionally ugly or generic logos, while it might be labeled as “ironic,” doesn’t really boost the integrity of the brand.


Why Do People Follow Trends In Logo Design?

Trends happen because we, as human beings, want to fit in with others. We want to be viewed as acceptable and even desirable as companions. In terms of logo trends, they’re fueled by the designer’s wish to translate “acceptable and desirable” to the brand as a whole.

 If everyone around you in your market or niche is using a certain logo trend like with abstract logo designs, you’ll feel an inevitable desire to use that trend, too — except better.


Current Trends In Logo Design

There are plenty of articles out there highlighting different trends in graphic design. But here are some of the more popular logo-specific contenders, for your consideration.

             Minimalism. Simplicity is always on-trend for logos and other aspects of design, and the current craze for minimalist logos is no exception. Minimalist logos restrict how many individual elements there are, and keep the lines and color choices simple and elegant.

     Color gradients. This is a popular trend, seen in-app logos like Instagram.

     Black and white. A trend diametrically opposed to color gradients, black and white logos are seen as classy and distinguished, packing a visual punch even with fewer elements.

     3D. This trend has been repeated for a few years now but is still going strong. Simple 3D elements help your logo to stand out and be remembered.


Pros And Cons Of Trending Designs

However, that doesn’t mean that all trends are created equal. And not all trends deserve to be followed. Like web design trends today are not specifically focused on design but rather on functionality and search engine friendliness. So your decision on a certain trend needs to take different factors into account.

 To help you decide whether to follow a trend or not, let’s list some pros and cons of doing so.


     Following a trend: pros

     Your logo will fit in with the competition

     Trends can help your logos seem up to date and modern

     There are usually a variety of trends to choose from, so you can pick one that fits your brand

     New trends often shine a spotlight on a visually appealing logo design style or method

     The trend may help you to highlight your brand message and personality more effectively


     Following a trend: cons

     Your logo may end up looking generic

     Within a niche trend, your logo may resemble your competitor’s too closely

     Your logo may not accurately represent your brand personality

     Your logo could quickly become dated


The Verdict

 Trends happen for a reason. And if you exercise care in following a certain trend, it can be hugely beneficial for your finished logo design.

 But that’s just the point — exercising care. Blindly following a trend isn’t recommended for anything in life. Just like our mothers always told us, “If your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you do it, too?”

 Ultimately, whether you follow a given trend is up to you and what works best for your logo. But trends can be useful, so we definitely advise giving them a look before you make your final decision.


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